Georgetown University
Room/Space Request System

Welcome to the Georgetown University Room/Space Request System

This system is accessible only to current Georgetown University students, faculty, staff or identified organizations using their NetID credentials. Within these groups, access will is limited to specifically authorized locations/facilities.

If you are a member of the Georgetown Law community you will need to request access to the system. Please click here to view and fill out the Law account request form.

For existing Main Campus accounts, your department and/or your authorized student group's account will need to be updated. Email Georgetown Event Management Services, to have your account updated.

If this is your first time using the system, login using your NetID and password, click on the appropriate request form under "Reservations" and begin your request.

How To Use the System

You may use the "Browse" link a the top of the page to look for facilities or space without logging into the system Georgetown Law members must log in to Browse Law space. This will allow you to see if a specific location that you want is available before you enter the system. To make a request follow the instructions below.

Making a Request

  1. Log in using your NetID and password or Organizations credentials.
  2. From the "Reservations" Tab select the appropriate request form and click on it.
  3. You will be taken to the "Info" tab. This tab contains information specific to the rooms/spaces you are attempting to reserve. Please review this information before making your request.
  4. Fill out the request form on the LEFT of the page. When finished click the "Find Space" button.
  5. You will be taken to the "Location" tab . You will see a list of rooms/spaces that meet your request criteria. If the hour space is clear there is availability if the hour area is a dark blue that room/space is not available.
  6. When you find the room/space you wish to request, click the Select button. This will send the room/space information to the top of the page. When you have finished selecting, click the yellow "Continue" button. You will be taken to the "Details" tab.
  7. On the "Details" tab provide the information requested. In the client box, if their is no information, click the Click to open a window to select a group you can book for to see your choices.
  8. When you have completed the details page click the yellow "Submit" button to finalize your request. You will see a notice that your request has been submitted. You will also receive an email showing specific information about your request.
  9. You may check your request status at the bottom of the "Reservations" tab click "View My Requests", to see all of your requests or reservations.

If you have issues with access or additional questions about your request please contact the appropriate office. Information is listed in the table below.

If you do not have credentials for an organization and need them or are an organization external to Georgetown, contact Georgetown Event Management Services.

Main Campus (GEMS)202-687-3726 

Main Campus (Registrar/Classrooms)202-687-4020

Healey Family Student
McDonough School of
School of Medicine202-687-4294 

Special Event (Non-OCAF Equipment Requests)